Friday November 8th, 2013 at 8pm

Vector Gallery is gearing up for its literal political and legal secession from the United States, which will be formalized and memorialized on Vector’s Independence Night. The Satanic State of VECTOR will then become the smallest country on earth in terms of territoriality but it will enjoy a relationship of abundance with the endless resources that infinity always brings. 

Independence Night will encompass live performances, champagne, drugs, and a multimedia show of artistic tributes to the brand new nationhood of VECTOR. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding the coming historical turning point, including the development of VECTOR’s political institutions in accordance with the needs of the fledgling State and with the aid of its international allies.

Crown Prince of Hell JJ BRINE, Sovereign Regent of The Satanic State of VECTOR, is now forming his cabinet under the divine watch of CHARLES MANSONSupreme Lord of VECTOR

Confirmed ministerial posts include: 

Lena Marquise - The Enforcer - Minister of State 
Julia Maria Sinelnikova - The Oracle - Minister of Truth

B.j. Dini - WHITE - Minister of AELONS

Blam Blam Fever - Monsters - Minister of War

Danielle Draik - The Exorcist - Minister of Science
Aubrey Loftus - The Sign - Minister of Signs
Nelson London Lucifer - Minister of Morning Star 
Montgomery Harris - Monty - Minister of Education (Neventology)

Want to assume a position within the cabinet of the nation to end all nations? Perhaps you want to submit a piece of propaganda or political tribute to the newest country on our fair and verdant earth? to voice your interest. The world is watching, and so are We.


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